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Over 38 Years of Experience in Plaster Repair in New Jersey

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"Kieran and George were wonderful! They showed up exactly on time (in fact a few min early), brought all necessary tools for the job, were kind, thoughtful and respectful in our home. Oh, and they did incredible work!"
– Susan Zimmerman
Some of our Plaster Repair Work in New Jersey

High-Quality Plaster Repair in Newark, NJ

We are your number one choice in New Jersey for all of your plaster restoration, installation, and repair needs.

Plaster Repair by the Pros

Are you wondering how to repair a plaster ceiling in New Jersey? Even if you look at all the online tutorials out there, you aren't going to be able to complete the work the way we can at New Jersey Plastering. A job this detailed needs to be left up to the professionals in the industry; US!

Flawless Finishes Every Time

Plaster ceiling mouldings in Newark, New Jersey, entire ceilings, and even walls that are made from the same vintage material need to be repaired in a specific way. We have the tools and techniques to leave it looking like it did originally! Your friends and family are going to be amazed at the restoration.

Part Art & Part Science

Vintage plaster in New Jersey isn't something that every general contractor has experience working with. Our technicians are highly trained and extremely knowledgeable in working within this specific industry. We have the methods and techniques that have proven to turn out results.

Increasing Property Value

After your plaster ceiling in New Jersey has suffered water, mold, or other environmental damages, your property value instantly goes down. Bring it back up where you want it to be with our quality plaster repair capabilities. You aren't going to believe what a difference a quick repair can make.

Save From Further Damages

If your home or office in Newark, NJ was built with plaster walls, ceilings, or molding, you want to maintain the appearance for as long as you can. We have the methods to prevent cracks or even a complete ceiling collapse. Keep yourself, your family, and your belongings safe and secure.

Let's Discuss Your Options!

Plaster restoration in New Jersey isn't a job that many homeowners can handle, even as a DIY type. Our crew is happy to discuss what options you have for making your residential or commercial property visually stunning again! Just give us a call, and we will set up an appointment that's convenient for you!

Why New Jersey Plastering is Your One and Only Choice for Plaster Services Near Newark, New Jersey

We are the exclusive plaster specialists in your area!

Highly Trained Plaster Techs

Over 38 years of experience
Trained in historic plaster repair in NJ
Meticulous attention to detail
Technicians with integrity
Reliable and trustworthy
Personal attention for every customer

More Than A Quick Fix

Various techniques for different forms
Efficient methods
Up-to-date technologies and tools
Not a job for general contractors
Top-of-the-line materials
Minor cracks to major repairs

Customer Satisfaction is #1!

Friendly plaster technicians
Fair prices
Feel free to ask questions!
We're working for you
Tell us if something is exactly right
We won't stop until you're 100% satisfied


When it comes to plaster repair in Newark, NJ, you want trained specialists working for you to ensure it gets done right! That's exactly what you're going to get from New Jersey Plastering and the dedicated crew we have ready to assign to your unique project.
plaster repair specialist in New Jersey


Have you started to notice sagging or bulging in your plaster walls or ceilings? It's likely because of water that's been absorbed into the material over the course of the past several years or even decades. Plaster was much more commonly used during prewar times, and it's not quite the same composite as drywall. When water soaks into the plaster and makes it soft, it's what we refer to in the industry as "delaminating cracks." As soon as you notice this issue, you want to call us for water damage plaster repairs in New Jersey right away. It isn't going to take long for that plaster to start to fall apart, leaving you with a much bigger, more expensive repair issue on your hands. 

Don't forget to take into consideration the dangers that come along with falling chunks of plaster. As soon as one piece falls, you can expect more to follow. We know how to get to the base of the problem at the foundation where the plaster adheres to the beams of the ceiling. We aren't like the other so-called plaster companies that just sand down the water stained spots and then patch and paint over the problem. We use original materials so that the building stays in a safe and secure condition for years to come.


You likely fell in love with the charm that vintage plaster mouldings added to your historic home or office building. However, when settlement cracks and other delamination start to occur, the appeal goes away. There's not much that can be done to prevent it, because as the building structure shifts and settles, the mouldings are no longer aligned correctly, or as they were when the construction was first completed.

Instead of dealing with unsightly diagonal or vertical cracks in your otherwise gorgeous decorative plaster moldings in Newark, NJ, let our experienced technicians come in and take a look at what your options are for plaster moulding repair. We have the abilities to either make the necessary repairs to restore the area to its original condition, or we can completely replace the plaster ornament molds in New Jersey.
plaster molding repairs done in New Jersey
plaster installation New Jersey - installed in bedroom


Plaster installation in New Jersey isn't something that's done by general contractors very often anymore. It's a process that's reserved for historic buildings that require an authentic European plaster application to maintain the original look and feel of times past. New Jersey Plastering has the methods, techniques, and materials you want when it's time to do plaster installation of your crown moldings, ceilings, walls, and more.

Believe it or not, plaster installation can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and construction costs when done properly. We think it's one of the best materials ever invented, and that's why we're passionate about completing whatever project you have in mind for your residence or business location. Just call us today to learn more about how our experts can help you!  We work in many of the surrounding areas in New Jersey and pride ourselves in a 50 mile service area radius!  See all the areas we serve below.

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