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About Our Plaster Repair Company in New Jersey

Learn More About Our Dedicated Plaster Repair Company in New Jersey

You aren't going to find another plaster repair company in New Jersey that's as passionate as we are! That's a GUARANTEE!
New Jersey Plastering was first established back in 1988, and since then we have continued to learn and grow within the plastering industry. It's a unique business that not every general contractor can handle working in. We do it because we love it. From the initial walk-through of your historic building until the final touches are completed, we get excited about every step of the process. It's not just about making a quick buck for our company. With over three decades of experience in authentic European craftsmanship, we have turned our plaster repair company in New Jersey into something that nobody else can even come close to competing with. Chances are if there is a home or business in the Newark, NJ region or surrounding areas with plaster ceilings or crown moldings that you've visited, we've worked on it at some point. Just ask your friends and neighbors that have the look and charm of vintage plaster in their buildings. We bet that they'll be more than happy to share their positive experiences working with us! There's a long list of satisfied clients in our history, and we're dedicated to making you a part of that exclusive group!
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Our Plaster Repair Company in New Jersey Does More Than Cover Up the Problem

Unlike drywall that can quickly be patched and painted, plaster restoration in New Jersey is a much more complicated process. The specialists that we have working on our crew know how to work with the compound that is unique for this type of construction. We will never try and quickly mask a problem just to make it look good temporarily. We care about the integrity and security of your structure. Trust that we get to the foundation using the appropriate materials, tools, and methods to complete the work as it should be.
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Our Skilled and Trained Plaster Specialists in New Jersey Care About You

Expertise in plaster restoration in New Jersey for high-quality finishes that last.
As highly-trained plaster restoration specialists in Newark, New Jersey, our technicians know exactly what they're looking for. When we show up to your location, the job is going to begin with a thorough inspection of your plaster ceiling in New Jersey along with walls and moldings. It's not just a quick once over either. We take as much time as what's necessary to look for any cracks, sagging, bulging, or even plaster that has started to pull away from the framework. Because we know what we're scanning for, you can rest assured that nothing will be missed. Then, we will come up with the proper methods, tools, and materials to use to restore your plaster walls, ceilings, and decorative mouldings back to the original condition. Your satisfaction is our top priority, no matter what size project you have for us. You can bet that we treat you just how we would want to be treated. With personal attention and dedication to every job!

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