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Stunning Plaster Repair in Summit

You Can Count on Our Plaster Repair in Summit!

Hiring a contractor to do anything around your home or business can be a bit of a stressful event. You don't know who is going to provide you with the best results or who has the most competitive pricing in what you're looking for. If you don't have any recommendations from friends or family for a specific service, you're just taking a guess. Instead of running the risk of ending up with a more significant issue than what you started with, you can have your plaster repair in Summit done by the leaders in the industry. We complete all types of plaster services that can't be beaten by anyone else in the area. With over 38 years of experience, you are GUARANTEED a flawless finish that will last for many years to come. It's an initial investment to have your plaster ceiling in Summit repaired, renovated, or completely replaced, but it will pay for itself as soon as it's finished. You'll notice the difference in the appearance, and if you have your property appraised, you will see in black and white how much your value has increased too!
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installing crown plaster moulding in Summit
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"It is difficult to convey in words the level of plastering skills Kieran displayed during this project. When he arrived he was shown a sagging ceiling with a big hole and molding missing. Within days he stabilized the entire ceiling, made the missing molding, and restored the ceiling to the way it looked the when the house was originally built."


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installing crown plaster moulding in Summit

Plaster Repair in Summit at Fair Prices

When you first start looking into plaster repair in Summit, one of your initial thoughts will be the cost. Know that we use only the highest quality materials and the most efficient methods possible. Because of our processes for doing historic plaster restoration in Summit, we can give you a fair price no matter what size project we do. It can be a simple crack repair or a complete installation, and you're still going to get a detailed list of all the products we used, labor involved, and any additional charges right upfront. You don't need any surprises when the bill comes. Know that we will keep you informed of everything that's taking place from start to finish.

Let Us Handle All of Your Plaster Services in Summit!

Decor Plaster Repairs

Decorative plaster repairs in Summit require a unique set of skills that not everyone possesses. Even your general contractor likely isn't going to be able to complete this type of complicated and intricate work. Leave it to our trained experts.

Architectural Plaster Molds

Have you started to notice some cracking or chipping in your plaster ceiling material in Summit? It can happen after shifting and settling, and that includes the decorative molding. Instead of swapping it with cheap laminate, let us fix it!

Plaster Walls & Ceilings

You might have an entire house of plaster, or perhaps just the crown moulding is made from plaster. We can handle everything plaster from the top to the bottom of your building. We will do an inspection and let you know what you need.

Plaster Repair in Summit with Over 38 Years of Experience!

Ask About Our Methods

If you've ever really looked at the detail in plaster repair in Summit, you've probably noticed there's more to it than what the eye can see. We know plaster inside and out, and we can even look for any areas that could lead to potential problems in the future and repair them before it's an issue.

Get a Quote Right Now!

All you have to do is call our friendly and knowledgeable staff at your convenience to go over your plaster services in Summit. We will either send someone to your location or give you a FREE quote right over the phone. Start planning now, and it will be done in no time at all!

The Best Tools & Equipment

Have you ever tried to complete a project without having the proper tools and equipment? It can turn into a nightmare reasonably quickly if you don't have the right supplies. We are fully stocked with everything it's going to take to complete your vintage plaster repairs in Summit.

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