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Fast Plaster Ceiling Repair Water Damage in New Jersey

Plaster Ceiling Repair Water Damage in New Jersey Today!

Did you know that if you're dealing with a need for plaster ceiling repair water damage in New Jersey, you could be risking your entire ceiling caving in? As soon as you notice sagging or bulging in your plaster ceiling, it won't be long before the plaster starts to break away from the foundation where it has initially adhered. In the industry, we refer to the progression of cracks, chips, and other broken areas of plaster due to water damage in one spot as domino-delamination. It's only going to continue to spread, or domino, until the problem is remedied. Don't end up with a much more extensive, time-consuming, and costly repair. Instead, take care of it right now!
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We're Repairing Plaster Walls and Ceilings in New Jersey Right Away

We know that water damage to plaster in New Jersey isn't something that should be left for too long. Instead of making you wait for your home repairs, we will schedule you in right away for at least the initial inspection. Our honest and reliable specialists will give you accurate answers and reasonable solutions for your water damage repair needs. If the crack is minor and you can fill, sand, and paint it yourself without leaving a blemish, nothing is stopping you. However, if you're afraid your plaster repair in New Jersey is going to stick out like a sore thumb, let us take care of it for you.
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Wondering How to Repair Water Damaged Ceiling Plaster in New Jersey?

Before you get out your tools and start working on a repair for a water damaged plaster ceiling in New Jersey, know that the process is much more intricate than what you might think. If you're dealing with water damage, you have to drill holes into the plaster itself and inject bonding materials where the problem exists. It might sound easy enough, but you could drill a hole too big or too deep and actually cause even further issues to the foundation of your building. That goes without mentioning you have to have the proper compound to inject. Unless you have experience in plaster ceiling repair water damage in New Jersey, we strongly recommend you leave it to our highly-trained professionals.
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Fixing Your Plaster Ceiling in New Jersey is Necessary for Your Safety!

When you're walking through your office or sitting on your sofa, do you ever look up and wonder about your plaster ceiling in New Jersey falling in on you? Likely not. It's not an event that's completely impossible, though. We've seen it happen first hand. You might be driven to replace your existing water damaged plaster with drywall, but you're going to lose the look and feel that medallion, frieze, crown cornice, and metallic glaze plaster creates in your space. Keep the higher level of visual interest in your building with our plaster repairs, installations, and maintenance services instead of conforming to the more widely used, modern, boring construction you see every day.
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"It is difficult to convey in words the level of plastering skills Kieran displayed during this project. When he arrived he was shown a sagging ceiling with a big hole and molding missing. Within days he stabilized the entire ceiling, made the missing molding, and restored the ceiling to the way it looked the when the house was originally built."


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At New Jersey Plastering, we are trained in European plaster restoration and repair techniques that other general contractors don't possess. It doesn't matter if your pattern is simple or one of the most intricate ever created. We can make the home improvements to your historic buildings all around New Jersey that give your property its uniqueness that you love!

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