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Are you the proud owner of a prewar or historic property in New Jersey? Then consider yourself one of the fortunate ones! These buildings aren't so commonly seen or restored these days, and if you have one in good condition, you're going to want to keep it that way for as long as possible. Our highly-trained plaster repair specialists in New Jersey are ready to come to your location to explore what you have and decide together with you how to get your property back to the condition you first were so attracted to. It isn't a job that you should do on your own, because you could be dealing with pests, mold growth, or other damages that might be dangerous. Plaster repair, installation, and maintenance also isn't something that most general contractors have knowledge or experience in, even if they say they know how to do it. It's something you should be cautious of because of the specific methods, tools, and equipment needed to do the work. Instead, stay safe and let the experts from New Jersey Plastering handle it.
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New Jersey Plastering's Full Line of Plaster Repair Services in New Jersey

Are You Considering Plaster Installation in New Jersey?

Do you have existing plaster that has gone beyond the point of repair? Maybe you just like the way historic buildings with plaster walls, ceilings, and mouldings look and feel when you first walk in. Whatever your personal style is, if it involves plaster installation in New Jersey, we are the company you can trust to get it done right. We have the most experience with over 38 years of working in the industry. Our specialists have been suitably educated in authentic European application of plaster, so you can rest assured it will be completed just like it's supposed to. Just let us know what you have in mind and our design team will work closely with you to make sure all of your ideas get turned into reality.
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plaster ceiling installation in New Jersey

Superb Plaster Ceiling Repair in New Jersey

New Jersey Plastering is the leading plaster ceiling repair company in New Jersey. When you look up and see that there is chipping, cracking, or bulging in your existing plaster, you want to have it taken care of sooner rather than later. It's more than just unappealing to look at. The longer you wait, the more extensive the damage could potentially get. The greater the problem areas, the more expensive your bill will be when you do finally have the structure fixed. We know exactly what to look for to get you the plaster repairs in New Jersey you need without costing you a fortune.

Discover Gorgeous Plaster Crown Molding in New Jersey

There isn't anything that you can do about your house shifting and settling over the years. However, what you can do is watch for the diagonal or vertical cracks that start to appear. These settlement cracks are only going to continue to grow if you neglect them. Our experts can quickly and thoroughly inspect all of your plaster crown molding in New Jersey to determine what needs to be repaired and if any replacements are necessary. Keep your moulding from pulling away from the framework with proper maintenance. You're going to love the vintage charm that's brought back the moment we're done.
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water damages to plaster ceiling in New Jersey

Plaster Ceiling Repair Water Damage in New Jersey Today!

Plaster ceiling repair water damage in New Jersey isn't something that you should mess around with. If water has already gotten in, there's a high probability that it's still making its way into your plaster ceilings, walls, and moldings. The water gets absorbed into the compound, and you might see sagging areas or even notice plaster completely falling away from the substrate. You don't want to risk the safety of yourself, your family, and your home by ignoring water damage in your plaster. We will start at the base of the problem and do the repairs the way they are meant to be done. We stand behind everything we do too, so it's a risk-free fix for you!
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"It is difficult to convey in words the level of plastering skills Kieran displayed during this project. When he arrived he was shown a sagging ceiling with a big hole and molding missing. Within days he stabilized the entire ceiling, made the missing molding, and restored the ceiling to the way it looked the when the house was originally built."


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Even though we are located in Newark, NJ, we're excited to travel to your location to assist you with all of your plaster repair services in New Jersey. As a locally owned and operated company that's fully licensed and insured, you have nothing to worry about. We GUARANTEE everything we do!

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