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Why We're #1 In Plaster Restoration in New Jersey

6 Reasons To Choose Us For All of Your Plaster Restoration in New Jersey

When it comes time to have your plaster restoration in New Jersey completed, trust that New Jersey Plastering is who you want working for you. Learn more about why we're considered the experts in your area.


Plaster restoration in New Jersey isn't a job that should be left for a general contractor to handle. We have nearly 40 years of experience in the industry!


In order for plaster repairs in New Jersey to be done correctly, you need technicians with the proper training. We have only the best working on our crew.


Plaster ceilings, moulding, and walls require a level of care to every detail that cannot waiver. We focus on the task in front of us, so you get the best results.

Effective Methods

Other plaster restoration companies in New Jersey might say they can do the work, but they can't do it using the superior methods we have. Over our years in business, we've discovered the best ways to do plaster repairs.

Superior Materials

When investing in plaster materials in New Jersey, you want the best. That's the only way to ensure it's going to last for many years to come. We do the legwork in that department, so you don't have to worry about it!

Tools & Equipment

You can't get quality plaster repairs in New Jersey without the proper tools and equipment. New Jersey Plastering keeps everything we use up-to-date and in great working order for easier completion and better finishes.
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"It is difficult to convey in words the level of plastering skills Kieran displayed during this project. When he arrived he was shown a sagging ceiling with a big hole and molding missing. Within days he stabilized the entire ceiling, made the missing molding, and restored the ceiling to the way it looked the when the house was originally built."


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Get That Vintage Charm Back with Plaster Restoration in Newark, New Jersey, and the Surrounding Areas

Plaster Ceiling Repairs in New Jersey

At New Jersey Plastering, we have European-trained plaster ceiling repair professionals working for us. Even as a skilled do-it-yourself homeowner, we highly recommend that your plaster ceiling repairs in New Jersey get left for our experts. You could do a small patch if the cracked plaster isn't very extensive, but there's no guarantee it's going to last. If you're taking the time and money to do the work, you might as well have it done properly.
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plaster crown molding in New Jersey

Plaster Crown Molding in New Jersey

If you have plaster crown molding in New Jersey, you already know how detailed and ageless it makes your home or business look. It's not like the more common laminate, or wood trim found today, and it's not as straightforward to work with either. The timeless, vintage appeal that these pieces of architecture have is something you feel as soon as you walk in the room. Don't replace it with something that's going to diminish the attractiveness of your property. We can get it back to its original condition, or even put in new crown plaster molding in New Jersey!

New Plaster Installation in New Jersey is Well Worth Your Investment!

Are you located in a New Jersey location that is full of history and architecture that you can't find in other more modern places? Then you want to fit in with a new plaster ceiling with decorative plaster mouldings in New Jersey. You aren't going to find another plaster installation company in New Jersey that can do this type of European plaster application that is so distinctive. It's a skill that not everyone has attained, but our experts at New Jersey Plastering have it figured out flawlessly.
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